A new era

There is a new World, the face of modern business has changed. Organisations are now driven by purpose, they are fast-paced and asset-driven. It is a platform for change that places people at the centre stage of their brand. This is a new era where the WHO has replaced the WHY and where the person is at the heart of the brand and is changing the world. BoB will inspire this next generation of World leaders.

Between 2021 and 2031 the business World will witness an unprecedented growth period. In this cycle of business innovation companies will no longer be talking about money but purpose. Making a difference in the World. The notion of ‘Fame’ has moved on, it’s no longer about status, but about standing up for what you believe in and what you want to be known for. Legacy beyond fame...purpose beyond profit...we are shifting the world into a new era. It’s time for you to shift your industry and impact the World. What will your business bring to the world of 2031?

Emotional Connection

Post 2016, the World will shift to both on and offline. Society will begin to go back to its roots with families at the centre once again. The World will be more connected. People now care less about money and more about lifestyle, they have lost faith in institutions and are putting more faith in each other. People want to connect with people. Businesses are now speaking directly and emotionally with the public. We are now all influenced in the same way, by an authentic, trusted connection.

Future Economics

Between 2021 and 2031 we will see 10 years of unprecedented growth.  The World will undergo an explosion of innovation fuelling this growth. What will be built in that time isn’t even on the landscape yet this is an era not even on the drawing board. Businesses will never be the same again, what if we built our businesses with this next cycle in mind?

Brand-led Growth

It’s no longer, solely about building businesses, products or capital. Business owners must build a brand to engage the consumer pulling the market and then the World. Consumers want to engage with brands that are on trend but also aligned with the issues of society. This investment in  brand will support you and enable you to grow your business. This modern business means more than revenue, returns or money. Growth means the professional and personal development of your people, your community and your society.

The future of funding

There is more capital in the World now than there ever has been resulting in fear and confusion in the SME market. People want to know how to get money, where to go and who to get it from. Investment levels have dropped dramatically, 10 years ago a £10m project today can be delivered for less than £2m. Entrepreneurs all have a desire and want to be the next unicorn, the next Google, Air BnB or Uber. What if we could understand the funding landscape and access the right capital from the right source at the right valuation. Let’s make the investment journey a happy journey.

Global connectivity

What if we can come together to create a global ecosystem that facilitates a shift in industries. The digital landscape means business cultures are connecting every day. The 20th Century saw an explosion of job roles creating ‘departments’ all separated for the sake of efficiency. The 21st Century will be about bringing those functions together, aligned and connected. The World demands this connection. Society is going back to its roots in a blended on and off-line newly balanced Earth.

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