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A Brand New Earth – BoB Earth

Tue, 05 May 2020


Dear Belinda,

Welcome to the second BoB newsletter and we hope this finds you well, these have been unprecedented times but we have been lifted by the stories of community, charity and creativity as many businesses have had to pivot into this new normal. 

Exciting things are happening within the BoB Family and BoB Citizens this week.

The biggest announcement is…

We are proud to open the doors to the BoB Homeschooling platform beamed in from BoB Earth


BoB School – Home-schooling open for enrolment – Click here


As home-schooling continues across the world for many children and parents – a new kind of self-education is emerging. As the kids settle into their Google classrooms, parents are jumping between Zoom, Teams and into frequent webinars, with new skills being acquired daily.

We decided to let you learn whilst your kids are learning!

The BoB home-schooling curriculum is now open.

Learning with BoB Webinars – The New Era is here – The L-Shape recession Driving into growth

Our webinars have been continuing with some gusto and the continued feedback is positive and encouraging. We are so aligned with many like-minded businesses, looking to drive growth on the back of the 2020/21 L-shaped recession.

Over the 10 week series (recording available here) you will have heard us talk about the fact we are in an L-shape recession driving into growth – What is one?

The L-shaped Recession: These come along infrequently (compared with a more normal “V” shaped recession); 1987 was the last time we had one and as of March 2020 we had the biggest one day fall in the markets since then (33 years ago). It is described as an “L” because the markets fall very quickly; usually with one day of trading losses, with a follow-on a drop of circa 30%, in the next month.

What are the phases of an L-Shape recession:The first three months are the Shock Phase. Months 4-9 see businesses move into the Recovery Phase and months 10-18 are known as the Build Phase.

BoB’s L-Shape recession driving in to growth (L&D Getting ready program) – Part of the Bob Home schooling curriculum is designed to be a doing program building your business and people over the 18 months in a collaborative way, allowing you to work with a group of other business owners, it runs weekly for the next 18 months and we will get you ready. Enrolment open.

If you’re looking to understand your vision for growth – enrol on Business DNA.

People brands are an asset that creates pull in the market – For Employer brands and Business Leaders/Owners  enrol on Personal Brand now.

If you’re looking to understand how to get your business ready – sign up to theL&D Program now.

If you need some help understanding which course is right for your business feel free to email one of the BoB team on




Highlights from the recent Webinar series: 

The past few weeks we’ve been discussing ‘Shifting mindsets from 20th Century business to 21st Century business and Industry Trends’. Personal brand has been a hot topic in all conversations too and one we explore in more detail next week.

How to move from the 20th Century to 21st Century Mindset

The 20th Century was about solving problems related to production – how do we create more, faster, become efficient and make more money. The 21st Century is moving to a more balanced approach in society. Leading with purpose beyond profits and legacy beyond fame. Learn how to move your business to a more integrated approach to remodel the business to create change.


Personal brand is a big opportunity in the 21st Century 

In the 21st Century we’re moving from corporate brands like Coca Cola, to company and people brands like AirBnB. We’re now able to bring a face to the brand. We want to know who is at the heart of the business. Social fame has changed the whole landscape of brands and personal brand is one of the quickest wins during this pandemic.


During a recession, entire industries shift. Learn how to forecast these changes for your business.

Are there any trends or gaps in your industry where you can find innovation? Finding these will help you pivot quickly. We’re seeing so many examples daily of businesses pivoting and finding the opportunity. Let us introduce you to a few more BoB Heroes just below for some excellent examples.


Taking market share by riding or breaking a trend. To take market share we need to look at societal trends. We can either ride a trend, where there is already a need in the market or break a new trend, where we create a need or change a habit. If you can do this you will take market share.

To catch up on these points and many more we encourage you to catch up on the webinars below and start to seed us through your questions, thoughts and opinions.

Join us in Facebook

Next week we discuss The human voice for your organisation (personal brand) and the importance of those brands. Sign up to future webinars here.

If you would like to run one or all off the webinar series for your network one of the BoB 4 would be able to come on and answer a Q&A post the recording – please contact

Keep an eye out for BoB’s highlights dropping in your inbox and we hope to hear from you soon.

Look forward to seeing you on the Earth…





We introduced you to two of our BoB Heroes previously and we’d now like to introduce you to more.

As we’ve said at BoB we’re meeting, on a daily basis, outstanding businesses who are purpose-led – walking the walk, talking the talk and really making a difference in the world.

These are businesses that have found a way to re-engineer their business model to navigate the changes, and they’ve done it quickly. They are bringing real humanity into their delivery mode and making a difference in the World.




We invite you to meet our initial cohort of BoB Heroes but we want to find more. Please pay it forward and recommend the next BoB Hero to us here. (



The time to join the quiet revolution is now.

Next week BoB Earth will launch – for the BoB family. We want you to join us on this journey. You’ll be the first citizens to join a brand new Earth, one that’s allows people, business owners and world leaders to connect, learn and trade.

Register interest now


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