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London & Partners Masterclass

Thu, 15 Feb 2018

“There is no growth without people” – Riccardo Cirillo

Our first masterclass with new partners, London & Partners, took us over to their gorgeous offices in Tower Bridge on Tuesday 18th July. BoB Group Founders, Linzi Boyd and Darren Shirlaw presented the masterclass to a room of intellectual business leaders and entrepreneurs, coupled with an incredible view overlooking Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast. It was a day full of informative expertise and impactful and interesting business tips for the room.

The day began with lunch, tea, and coffee served curtesy of Pret a Manger, as business leaders grabbed a nibble and made their way around the room, getting ready for the interactive masterclass. Linzi and Darren challenged the room with ways to build brands to shift industries, and how to build a brand-led growth plan. They got the room thinking about changing conversations around their brands today, tomorrow and the future, starting with the end in mind and how the brand is the end-to-end of the whole revenue stream.

The entrepreneurs who attended described the day as engaging, clear, articulate and immediately relatable. Many were left thinking about the importance of the Top Down process and to focus on brand not product, understanding the brand is about the customer journey, the who. Many had their minds changed about their approach to fame, treating it less as ‘celebrity’ and more as brand recognition.

With practical steps and activities they could take away and do with their team, many left feeling confident about their business journeys ahead. Eager to learn more, as the day drew to a close, lots of attendees were filled with questions to be answered by experts Darren and Linzi, wanting to know how to do audit, and how to sign up either themselves for extra training, or for their business partners to be attending the same masterclass.

The hands-on and engaging day finished with a few entrepreneurs signing up to find out more information on BoB School, Find your Formula day and the one-on-one – Business Growth Audit and Planning session.

After a successful day and many more to come with London & Partners, we leave you with a quote from the day to get you all thinking about the importance of Business of Brand:

“It takes a lifetime to build a brand, but only one person to kill it.”

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