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BoB is a growth business, we seek to Educate, Invest and Activate our alumni. Through our Greenhouse using our UP System™ we build out people’s business plans for scale. We understand both the ‘sell’ side of the business and the ‘buy’ side from our fund management background.

We use 4 key drivers to build out investor-ready businesses.

  • Defining the hidden asset in the business, this builds out a bigger value for the whole business model.
  • Building a plan from the ‘Top Down’ rather than the ‘Bottom Up’. This enables an investor to see the full picture for growth.
  • Understanding the activation process for the business to create traction in the plan to make it robust for scale.
  • Understanding the numbers that you are building the business to, and where the funding points are required.

The power of our IP and experience within the Greenhouse, ensures that we are focussed on building out the assets and creating prime investment-ready businesses. Once the business becomes investor ready we then guide and facilitate introductions to aligned investors.

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