Growth System: London

23 May 2019 at 9:00 AM - London, UK

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23rd & 24th May: Product & Channel.
10th & 11th June: Sales & Studio
4-Day BoB School – Growth System

Day 1: Product

Design your full product system for growth
1. Understand your 5 key pillars for growth
2. Are you building your business off a need or a habit?
3. Understand the emotional behaviour of the customer and how that ties in with sales
4. Audit your business to understand the products and services you already have
5. Design out the FULL integrated product revenue system around awareness, leverage and scale products

Output: At the end of the two days, you will have designed a fully integrated revenue system that links with the asset.

Day 2: Channel

Build your channels – Your go-to-market plan
1. Design your business to be brand-led and not sales-led
2. Connect with your core brand asset and products revenue system to the channel system
3. Audit the channels that you are selling through today
4. Design a full channel plan around the SAVY system – Sales, Awareness, Value, You
5. Prepare for distribution, leverage off the hero channel to create three tiers of partnerships

Output: Design your go-to-market channel strategy to create a ‘pull’ in the market.

Day 3/4: Sales & Studio

Sales and Campaign
1. Scale for growth – Understand how to spike and maintain revenue growth
2. Design your sales tools for growth – standard and bespoke
3. Create your content around the sales system – BPASV 
4. Spike the awareness – design a campaign architecture for scale
5. Create experience – around your brand and you

Output: You will design a fully integrated campaign sales system to spike revenue.

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Where & When

23 May 2019 at 9:00 AM
London, UK


Central London TBC