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'P' is for Purpose

BoB is changing the way the modern business operates. Born from a desire to build brands, grow businesses, impact industries and shift the world into a new era. True growth impacts everyone and everything in your ecosystem and with real impact comes real change. BoB is creating a new business language, a coding system for growth.



BoB was founded by serial entrepreneur and best-selling author Linzi Boyd. Known for her expertise of growing famous brands.

She created the BoB UP System, a unique methodology that teaches entrepreneurs how to design, build and activate a business strategy based on the foundation of their core brand assets.

Following its success in the UK, BoB launched a series of successful Partnerships across the globe and now operates in Australia, Asia and North America.

Today, BoB are celebrating the launch its online presence, BoB Earth. A platform that connects purpose-led enterprise businesses to global trade opportunities. Uniting, teaching and supporting the future business and world leaders of tomorrow.

Linzi Boyd

Read About Me

Linzi Boyd


Best-selling author and the woman behind building famous brands. Linzi Boyd is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker and Founder of BoB. By age 24 Linzi had set up and sold two businesses. Her second company was sold to Caterpillar and her third business, Surgery, championed some of the most well- respected brands known today.

Linzi now works in the enterprise market, teaching entrepreneurs how to build a famous brand for bigger valuation and scale to create impact in the world, changing the way modern business operates and creating the face of modern business.

Linzi Boyd and acts as an ambassador to the SME sector through speaking engagements, running retreats and strategic meetings.


Grow your business


BoB Earth™ is a global purpose-led platform connecting enterprise to trade. A community of people and businesses connecting and learning together for trade and partnerships.

Come and join the quiet revolution. Join a community where like-minded people connect together through a united passion and purpose to impact global industries and shift the world.

Sign up today and connect to a global ecosystem for trade and expansion

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