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Personal Brand Day


Due to popular demand, Sarah Skeats is running a special one-off Personal Brand Day for you and your team.


The event will be held on Friday 15th November, from 9:00AM to 4:00PM in Sydney.


Turn your profile into an asset


How to create the human face of the organisation.


Pulls in more customers - REVENUE Pulls in the best employees - RECRUITMENT


Discover your personal brand, unique voice and expand your channel and networks for engaging with your audience.


It's not about self promotion, it's about authentically bringing what is exceptional to you and learning how to apply it, allowing you to bring value to both the business and yourself, as you live your personal brand every day.

What we will cover on the day:

Create your micro voice PERSONAL BRAND to align with the macro voice THE CORPORATE BRAND


Discover your personal Brand - Get underneath the personal brand - DESIGN your brand - Form the personality of your personal brand - Create your micro voice


Craft your online voice - Create your tone of voice, how you will be heard - Have clarity on who you are talking to/who could you be talking to - Discover what topics you can talk about - Define how you are showing up online, you 'Google Fame'

Why should you attend?

Personal Brands create the human face of an organisation. It is becoming increasingly important because the modern customer trusts people more than the corporate brand. Businesses need a way to compensate for this lack of trust by creating Personal Brands within the organisation, where customers can connect with the human face of the organisation.


The beauty of today’s digital world is that by bringing the BRAND conversation internally into the business and taking the CULTURE conversation externally through networks and social channels, this creates what we describe as:


BRAND CULTURE - to engage the customer journey and provide REALNESS to the brand and its people.

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Where & When

28 April 2018 at 8 PM
London, UK


120 Oxford Circus
London W1C 2DZ
United Kingdom