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Brand DNA


Online learning:

Our Brand DNA course teaches you how to identify your brand assets to create a higher valuation and how to build a profitable and sustainable business model around your purpose.

Our Learning Curriculum is taught by Linzi Boyd, Darren Shirlaw, Sarah Skeats and Tim Dwyer supported by expert brand builders, to help you build out and activate your brand-led growth plan.

To do this we will help you:
Find your brand assets for growth
• Define your vision for growth
• Identify what is the number that you’re building your business value for scale
• Understand how to grow your business from the top-down, brand-led as opposed to the bottom-up, sales-led
• Discover your industry gaps to be a market leader
• Identify the trends and patterns in your industry
• Understand how to make strategic brand choices
• Identify who you are talking to and who you need to talk to achieve your growth

Align your purpose with profit
• Define what you want to be known for
• Combine your commercial business with your purpose to build a self- sustaining business model
• Uncover your business core asset to become an asset-led growth company
• Identify what core asset of your business will drive your valuation in the future.
• Outline what your business is today, tomorrow and in the future


We have 2 types of packages available one with support and one without. Both packages will be run through our online Platform BOB Earth, by subscribing to the course you will also gain access to other great features and benefits of being a member of the Earth.

  1. Without Support
    This programme is designed to let you collaborate and learn at your own pace.

    • you can access the learning materials whenever you like
    • you will join a classroom of peers with whom you can collaborate and share ideas.
    • You can access additional *mentor hours from a member of the BoB team
  2. With Support
    The programme is designed to allow you to learn, embed and share.

    • The curriculum is taught to a structured timeline over 10 weeks
    • During each week in addition to accessing the learning materials, you will participate in a live weekly classroom with a member of the BoB Team.
    • You will join a classroom of max 30 other businesses, to encourage peer to peer learning and that will also be moderated by a member of the BoB team to be on hand to provide support and help with any questions.


By enrolling here you will sign up to be added to our next cohort – we will be in touch with you in the next 7 days with the available cohort dates


Contact us for further information about the school or to discuss currency options.