Our Growth System course is designed to help you build out a fully integrated growth system across your brand, your products, your channels and your sales that links to your business asset.

To do this we will help you:

Design your full product system for growth
Understand your 5 key pillars for growth
Define whether you are building your business on a need or a habit
Understand the emotional behaviour of the customer and how
that ties in with sales
Audit your business to understand the products and services you
already have
Design out the FULL integrated product Growth System around
awareness, leverage and scale products.

Build your channel-led go-to-market plan
Design your business to be brand-led and not sales-led
Connect with your core brand asset and products Growth System to the channel system
Audit the channels that you are selling through today
Design a full channel plan around the SAVY system
Prepare for distribution, leverage a hero channel to create three tiers of partnerships.

Define your sales tools and campaigns
Understand how to spike and maintain revenue growth for scale
Shift from sales-led to brand-led campaigns
Design your sales tools for growth – standard and bespoke
Create your content around the sales system – BPASV
Spike the awareness – design a campaign architecture for scale
Create an experience – around your brand and you.

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Wed, 07 Oct 2020
Linzi Boyd & Darren Shirlaw