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Our Personal DNA curriculums are designed to give you everything you need to discover and build your personal brand profile and turn it into an asset.

Building your personal brand is not about self-promotion, it’s about authentically highlighting what is exceptional to you and learning how to apply and accentuate it in the marketplace to create pull. You will find your unique voice and learn how to expand your channels and networks to engage with your audience and generate value for both your business brand and your personal brand.

As we enter into the Who Era, people have now moved their thinking on purchasing decisions away from buying into business brands and instead are buying into personal brands – never before, has your personal brand been as important in promoting your business.

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Offline packages
Our offline curriculums are run around the world but are currently suspended until we feel that it is safe to resume. In the interim, our online packages come with full support and additional features and benefits to help you get started in activating your brand.

Online packages 
Our online learning curriculums for Personal Brand are run through the world’s first purpose-led platform BoB Earth ™ .
We offer two ways to access the curriculum – one is through supported learning; the other is unsupported (do it yourself style) learning. Both packages run for 12 months and you will join an online classroom with access to classmates, learning materials and the BoB Earth ™ team.

Commitment: 12 months
Access: BOB Earth ™ (by subscribing to the course you will also gain access to other great features and benefits of being a member of BoB Earth)
Packages: We have 2 types of packages available one with support and one without.

  • Discovery Pack (without support) £57.99 pcm
  • Revolution Pack (with support) £157.99 pcm

Contact us for further information about the school or to discuss currency options.