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BoB School, Growth System runs for four-days next on the 24th and 25th October and the 14th and 15th November 2019 in Sydney. Growth System can only be attended once you have completed the first two-days Brand DNA. Build your Growth plan BoB School teaches you everything you need to know about how to build equity in your brand, achieve the uplift for scale, and create a higher valuation for your business. Growth System: The four-day Growth System workshop builds out your brand-led growth plan DAY 1: PRODUCT 24th October Design your full product system for growth We will help you: 1. Understand your 5 key pillars for growth 2. Are you building your business on a need or a habit? 3. Understand the emotional behaviour of the customer and how that ties in with Sales 4. Audit your business to understand the products and services you already have 5. Design out the FULL integrated product growth system around awareness, leverage and scale products DAY 2: CHANNEL 25th October Build your channel-led go-to-market plan We will help you: 1. Design your business to be brand-led and not sales-led 2. Connect with your core brand asset and products growth system to the channel system 3. Audit the channels that you are selling through today 4. Design a full channel plan around the SAVY system 5. Prepare for distribution, leverage a hero channel to create three tiers of partnerships DAY 3: SALES & STUDIO 14th Novenber Define your sales tools and campaigns We will help you: 1. Understand how to spike and maintain revenue growth for scale 2. Shift from sales-led to brand-led campaigns 3. Design your sales tools for growth - standard and bespoke 4. Create your content around the sales system - BPASV 5. Spike the awareness - design a campaign architecture for scale 6. Create experience around your brand and you Day 4: PERSONAL BRAND 15th November Google Fame – your personal DNA We will help you: 1.Learn how to turn your profile into an asset 2.Decide where you want to play in the organisational structure to drive awareness 3.Audit your Google fame - How are you showing up on and offline 4.Craft your micro voice to align with the macro voice of the business 5.Write out your personal DNA to build and activate your personal brand plan around For more information, contact us here!

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28 April 2018 at 8 PM
London, UK


120 Oxford Circus
London W1C 2DZ
United Kingdom