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Unite on purpose

A brand new earth, uniting the world in a new way.


Share your purpose. #jointhequietrevolution #Help100

Linzi Boyd

BoB, Founder

I am known for shifting the world into a new era.

Katharine Plunkett


I am known for making a positive impact in the world, enabling others to find their true purpose.

Alison Cryer

Representation Plus / First PR

I am known for shifting tourism for tomorrows adventures

Andrew Hookway

Extech Cloud

I am known for engineering a flexible community

Belinda Collins


I am known for emotionally connecting the world through the power of comms

Charles Banks

The Food People

I am known for shifting the future of food & Drink

David Langdown

Focus 7

I'm known for brand led growth by design

John Cassidy

The Headshot Guy®

I am known for lighting people up

Julie King

Julie King & Associates

I am known for shaping the future of tourism

Steven Thompson

Big Daddy Digital

Communicating a kinder world.

Tim Stokes

Profit Transformations

I am known for optimising business ready to scale with harmonious living

Vida Barr-Jones

Focus 7

I'm known for brand led growth by design

Wayne Edwards

The Food People

I am known for shifting the future of food & Drink

Wilma McDaniel


I am known for transforming how people take care of themselves

Andrew Russell

Arran Sense of Scotland

I am known for helping the world create empowering connections with nature.

This is our opportunity to bring together a purpose driven movement towards global unity.

It is now time to connect ourselves, and our business to our purpose to re-remember who we are, why we are here and how each one of us can facilitate the change.

We want to shift the world into a new era. We believe the traditional ways of the past are over and the world wants to see education, health, manufacturing and many other industries which are no longer fit for purpose, remodelled to withstand the rapid growth era of the 21st century.

We are joining this campaign to unite people around the world to be seen and heard, no matter who or where you are.

Let’s come together, co-create the new story and shift the world into the new era.

Share your purpose.


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Pay it forward, share this campaign to unite on purpose and provide 100 businesses over the campaign to have access to a program designed to build purpose driven businesses. These are businesses who would never have access to be seen or heard.If your business wishes to apply for one of our gifted business support programs please apply here.

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